To improve the fundamentals, knowledge, skills and abilities in athletics, while being the premier camps for the next generation of athletes in Alaska.


I. Level up emphasizes the importance of being a great person at home, school and community. Which leads to being a great teammate. Spikes, saves, dunks, touchdowns and home runs we all notice. Who is able to uplift a teammate or show sportsmanship to an opponent. Our camp environment is models and instructs this growth as an athlete.

II. Discipline in all that an athlete does is reinforced. Teaching athletes how to discipline themselves to be a successful student athlete is essential to our camps. An emphasis is placed on balancing being a Student-Athlete, which requires discipline.

What People Say

This program is all about the kids! They taught many quality basketball skills to my kids, broke down the basics to help them understand the functionality of a technique rather than just tell them that’s how its just done. They communicated to the groups clearly, and kept it fun and interesting!

Parent -Jenny Smith

Awesome guy, instilling values that can be used on court or outside, and expressing the importance of team work and always finishing!!

Coach Selena Dixon Tri-Valley Girls


Parent-Ariella Bradley

We are good at being better!

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